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Anshan Zizhu Material has been devoted to the railway industry for more than a decade, and is an expert in producing and exporting T rail and railway accessories like steel sleepers and splice bars, and other profiles such as angle, I-beam, channel, and U-shaped steel. T light rails, heavy rails and crane rails

Anshan Zizhu Material’s T light rails, heavy rails and crane rails are widely used in a variety of industries and applications. Our heavy rails are mainly used for railway construction, our light rails are widely used for laying hauling tracks in factories, mines and construction sites, and our crane rails are increasingly applied for seaport and airport construction.

In order to ensure safety and better quality, our T rails undergo and pass many tests, including chemical composition tests, tensile strength tests, hardness tests and drop weight tests. We possess an ISO 9001:2008 certificate, and have obtained five Chinese product patents.

Our T light rail, heavy rail and crane rail complies with various standards: Anshan Zizhu Material is an expert in producing and exporting light rail of various standards, such as GB11264-89, JIS E 1103/1101 and BS11:1985. We are professional in producing and exporting heavy rail of GB2585-2007, AREMA, JIS E 1103/1101 and BS11:1985. Our T rail also includes crane rails, which comply with YB/T5055-93 standard. We produce and export highly qualified steel sleepers of BS-500 and UIC865 standard. Our splice bars comply with TB/T 2345-2008, UIC864 series, DIN5902:1995, JIS E 1102-2001, AREMA 2007 and BS 47-1 standards. GB11264-89 standard light rail: 6KG, 9KG, 12KG, 15KG, 22KG and 30KG YB222-63 standard light rail: 8KG, 18KG and 24KG GB2585-2007 standard heavy rail: 38KG, 43KG and 50KG YB/T 5055-93 standard crane rail: QU70, QU80, QU100 and QU120 American standard: ASCE25, ASCE30, ASCE40, ASCE60, ASCE75, ASCE85, 90RA,115RE, 136RE and 175LBS BS11:1985 standard steel rail: BS50 ‘O’, BS60A, BS60R, BS70A, BS75A, BS75R, BS80A, BS80R, BS90A, BS100A and BS113A JIS E standard: 15KG, 22KG, 30A, 37A, 50N, CR73 and CR100 UIC 860-O standard: UIC54 and UIC60 South African standard: 15KG, 22KG, 30KG, 40KG, 48KG and 57KG Indian standard: ISCR50, ISCR60, ISCR70, ISCR80, ISCR100 and ISCR120 DIN 536 standard A series: A75, A100, A120, A150 Steel sleepers

Our steel sleepers come in a range of sizes to meet most track requirements and are widely used in the railway industry. As a qualified steel sleeper manufacturer, our company is able to produce steel sleepers with different standards and specifications tailored to customers’ demands.

Features of our steel sleepers include lightweight design for easy handling, improved reliability (therefore reducing maintenance) and simple installation.

Our steel sleepers meet these standards: BS 500-2000 standard steel sleeper: BS75A, BS75R, BS80A, BS90A, BS100A and BS113A UIC865 standard steel sleeper: UIC 54 and UIC 60 Splice bars

We are a renowned splice bar producer, and can manufacture splice bars with various shapes and sizes as per customers’ requirements.

Our splice bars comply with various standards: UIC864-4 and UIC864-8 standard: U79 and U85 DIN5902:1995 standard: FI30, FI33, FI41 and FI49 TB/T 2345-2008 standard: 43KG, 50KG, 60KG and 75KG BS 47-1 standard: BS75R, BS80A, BS90A, BS100A and BS113A JIS E 1102-2001 standard: 37A, 50N, CR73 and CR100 AREMA 2007 standard: 100LB.ASCE, 115RE, 132RE, 136RE, 104LB.CR, 105LB.CR, 135LB.CR, 171LB.CR and 175LB.CR Railway track fittings and accessories

Our company also supplies a great variety of track fittings and accessories for any rail section, including screw spikes, track spikes, track bolts, clips and more. These are mainly used to fix and connect steel rails. We also can manufacture track accessories according to different standards and specs provided by customers. Our track fittings and accessories include: Screw spike: ss5, ss8, ss25, UIC864-1 series, etc. Track spike: 5/8* 6″, 9/16*5-1/2″, 3/8″*3-1/2, 1/2*3-1/2, 14*14*150, 16*16*165, etc. Track bolt, fishplate bolt: oval neck, diamond neck, button-head, etc. Cast iron shoulders: 43kg-60kg, 115RE, 132RE, etc. Elastic clips: E1609, E1809, E2005, E2007, E2055, SKL1, SKL12, SKL14, etc. Gage tie bar: it is of a high standard to ensure superior holding strength and is available for rail applications Check rail: UIC33/U69 (32.89kg/m, 900A and 1100 steel grade) is used in transit in order to keep the wheel in correct alignment when approaching a switch. About Anshan Zizhu Material

We are a subordinate company of Liaoning Zizhu Group. Rolling production lines, straightening devices, roller machines, almost 1,000 other pieces of professional equipment, an advanced physics laboratory and a chemical analysis laboratory are among the features of our factory.

With strong technical forces and high-quality personnel, we are able to manufacture high-performance products and offer the best services.

Fuzhou Metro is a new rapid rail transit system under construction in the city of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province, China.

The Tasmanian Freight Rail Revitalisation Programme (TFRRP) involves re-sleepering, re-railing and associated track upgrade works on Tasmania’s major rail freight corridors.

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