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2022-09-10 08:42:50 By : Ms. Millie Zhuang

To turn JavaScript on, try contacting your computer's administrators, or follow the instructions for your browser type below:

Go to the Tools menu in IE and choose Internet Options.

Next click the Security tab.

Make sure the Internet Zone is highlighted and press the Custom Level button to open the security options.

Look for the entry near the bottom of the list which says Scripting, then Active Scripting and make sure 'enabled' is the option selected under Active Scripting.

Press OK to close the panels. Now try selecting another link to video or audio from the site.

If you are told you don't have permission to make these changes, contact your computer's administrator, or technical support.

Find the Preferences option on the Explorer menu. Select the Web Content bullet from the list on the left hand side of the window.

Find the Active Content section. Make sure that the checkbox next to Enable Scripting is checked.

Click the OK button. Close this window and click the Refresh button of the page requiring Javascript.

To enable Java, click the Java link in the Web Content section.

In Safari, go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences.

You can check or uncheck both Java and Javascript here.

Firefox users should go to the Tools menu and select Options.

Next click Web Features. Check Enable Javascript (or Java) in the main panel and press OK.

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