Global supply needs drive increased manufacturing footprint development

2022-08-08 13:50:35 By : Mr. Kiwi Xiao

By Globalspec Article Sponsored by Enidine Inc.

Manufacturers and industrial applications face a need to diversify their supply lines. Enidine has established manufacturing in three locations worldwide to meet this demand. Their oft-customized HD/HDN large bore products are made in all three locations, with manufacturing operations including:

This distributed manufacturing model insulates customers from exorbitant transportation charges and delays. It can help keep customers’ operations running and allows for new process functionality — especially when custom designs are needed — in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Enidine also supports purchasing functions, as well as custom engineering from these locations, further preventing delays and communication issues due to disparate time zones. Enidine’s parent company ITT has employees in 35 countries, and works with customers in roughly 125 countries, allowing them to provide excellent service worldwide.

Enidine is a well-known manufacturer of energy absorption and vibration isolation products, with a wide variety of capabilities to suit a customer’s needs.

Small bore shock absorbers offer solutions to energy absorption requirements on a small scale. These can be ordered with a set damping value, or with adjustment built-in when input parameters are not clearly defined. Such devices are appropriate for use as end-stops in industrial machine tool and conveyor operations for small parts and in many other applications. Off-the-shelf solutions are often appropriate.

Vibration isolation products include wire rope isolators, which are constructed of coiled stainless steel cable, and can support up to 3,600 lb each. These ingeniously simple isolators are virtually maintenance-free when properly selected and installed. A second solution, air spring products,  provide significant vibration isolation, and can also lift in excess of 100,000 lb. when employed as actuators.

The HD/HDN series of large-bore shock absorbers is an especially versatile product line, which is often customized to suit customer needs. Applications range from:

Enidine HD/HDN hydraulic large bore shock absorbers protect equipment from impacts in applications where competitively soft deceleration is required. They are capable of smoothly and safely decelerating large energy capacity loads of up to 3,000,000 in-lb (330,000 Nm) per cycle. This requirement means longer bumper stroke lengths, and to this end HD/HDN shock absorbers are available with stroke lengths of up to 60 in, with standard bore diameters of up to 6 in. These shock absorbers are available with mounting configurations that accommodate both rotary and linear motion.

HD/HDN shocks are designed with environmentally friendly materials and fluids, with optional fluid and seal packages that can expand the standard operating temperature range of 15° F to 140° F (-10° C to 60° C) to -30° F to 210° F (-35° C to 100° C). External components are painted for excellent corrosion protection, and all sizes in this line are field repairable.

These shocks are designed with an internal air/oil accumulator, which replaces mechanical return springs to provide shorter overall length and reduced weight. An optional bladder accumulator (BA) is also available for higher cycle rates, and piston rod extension sensors are available for re-use safety requirements.

Enidine offers a number of off-the-shelf products for this line of shock absorbers. However, because of the line’s versatility, and the wide variety of environments in which they must operate, around two-thirds of these products are customized to end-user needs. This may mean different materials and operational fluids for extreme operational environments, custom mounting hardware, and custom paint and epoxy finishes.

If you have a need for one of these highly engineered energy absorption and vibration isolation products or services, Enidine has a global location you can count on to meet your critical application requirements. For additional information please visit for more information or a location near you.

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