Some Ford Mustang Drivers Can't Even Make Simple Right-Hand Turns | Carscoops

2022-09-24 10:07:21 By : Ms. Joyce Wu

Making a right-hand turn at an intersection isn’t something that any motorist should struggle with but for the following driver, this simple task proved to be a little too difficult.

Admittedly, it’s not just a normal motorist featured in this video. Instead, it is a Ford Mustang driver and as history has taught us, some of them can be a little reckless and a little too eager on the throttle pedal. The owner of this Mustang is one of them.

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This clip shared to Reddit shows the driver of a dark grey Mustang making a right turn at an intersection, just ahead of the cammer. Perhaps eager to make the turn before the cammer got a little too close, the Mustang driver hits the accelerator too hard and immediately spins up the wheels of the powerful muscle car.

For a skilled driver, this would be no problem; correctly counter-steering and modulating the throttle would be enough to control the slide. The Mustang driver wasn’t quick enough to react to the slide, however, and ends up careening into the curb and guard rail on the side of the road.

It’s hard to accurately determine just how much damage the pony car sustained in the crash but it appears the driver’s side front wheel has been pushed out of position, indicating some serious suspension damage. The trip over the curb likely also caused some damage to the bodywork that will need to be fixed.

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